Here is our End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) please read it carefully, and contact us if you have any questions.

End User License Agreement

This End User License Agreement (“EULA”) is an agreement between you, the license holder, and us, Formerly Known. If you are purchasing the Font Software by Formerly Known (“Fonts”) on behalf of an organization then “you” means that organization. If you are an organization, this license allows use by your employees and subcontractors. An organization user is responsible for violations of this license by its employees and subcontractors. 

By downloading, installing, uploading, sending, using, receiving, or handling Fonts you accept the terms of this license, but the rights do not transfer to you until Formerly Known receives full payment of the license fee. We do not give refunds. All sales are final.

2. License Holder

The license holder of this license should be the end user of any work incorporating the Fonts. For example, if an agency, studio, designer, or producer (each a “Creator”) creates material for a client that encompasses the Fonts, the client should own the license for the Fonts (not the Creator). The license should reflect the size of the client’s company, not the Creator’s company. A Creator may be the license holder if Creator uses the Fonts for its own branding or commercial work.

3. Company Size & Subcontractors

All licenses are for use within a singular organization or entity (a “Company”). Our Fonts are licensed by the total number of people working full-time and part-time for your Company (also referred to as the “size” of your Company).

If your Company size increases after you purchase a license and you are moved into a different licensing tier, you will need to upgrade your license to reflect your current Company size. Please contact us at for an upgrade. If you fail to upgrade your license, you will be found in violation of these terms.

All licenses cover the use of subcontractors (outside designers, developers, etc.). However, subcontractors are only permitted to use the Fonts to provide services to your Company. Subcontractors may not use the Fonts for any other project or Company. It is your responsibility to ensure all license restrictions, extents and limitations are communicated to employees and subcontractors.

You agree to use reasonable measures to protect the Fonts from access and use by unlicensed third- parties. If you discover any unauthorized access or use by an unlicensed third party, you agree to notify Formerly Known immediately.

4. Variable Fonts

All licenses of a full family or a sub-family grant you free access to a variable font covering the styles bought, when available. Variable fonts are an emerging technology and are not fully supported in all environments, their performance can vary depending on the context.

5. License Grant

Upon payment in full, Formerly Known grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable license to use the Fonts under a specific set of conditions. Under this license you are a licensed user - not an owner of the Fonts. 

Our inclusive License covers everything one might need for their communication. If you want to use our Fonts for something that isn’t listed below let us know at 

Print Use. Formerly Known grants you the right to use the Font within an unlimited number of printed elements such as books, leaflets, posters, packaging, signage.

Web Use. Formerly Known grants you the right to use the Font within one unique web domain per license (and any of its sub-domains).

Social Media Use. Formerly Known grants the Licensee the right to use the Font on their social media accounts.

Logo Use. Formerly Known grants you the right to use the Font for the realization of any logotype for and within the Company.

Software Embedding. Formerly Known grants you the right to embed the Font within a piece of software, such as an application, video game, or e-book, if owned and developed by the Company, (collectively “an App”) as follows:

  • You are allowed to distribute the Font as an embedded file within the App and distribute copies of the App with the embedded Font.
  • The embedding technology shall exclude the App end-user direct access to the embedded Font to prevent it from being downloaded for any other use than within the App.
  • When distributed within the App, the embedded Font shall be protected against installation in the App end-user’s operating system.
  • It’s your job to protect the fonts from being downloaded or publicly accessible. 

Hardware Embedding. Formerly Known grants you the right to embed the Font within a piece of hardware, such as a smart object, screen, phone, car, if owned and developed by the Company (collectively “Hardware”) as follows:

  • You are allowed to distribute the Fonts as an embedded file within the Hardware and distribute copies of the Hardware with the embedded Font. 
  • The embedding technology shall exclude the Hardware end-user direct access to the embedded Fonts to prevent it from being downloaded for any other use than within the Hardware. 
  • When distributed within the Hardware, the embedded Fonts shall be protected against copy.
  • It’s your job to protect the fonts from being extracted or publicly accessible.

Merchandising. Formerly Known grants you the right to use the Font to manufacture, print, emboss, and engrave commercial and promotional merchandise (i.e., apparel, accessories, presentation packaging, and letterform products and objects, etc.). 

Broadcast/Video Use. Formerly Known grants you the right to use the Font within video or film work for broadcast, theater, and streaming.

Server Use. Formerly Known grants you the right to use the Font on one production server. Server use is defined as the embedding of the Font on a CMS or web server that can be accessed via the Internet or other external network system, for the dynamic generation of analog and digital documents of any sort.

6. Restrictions

You may not decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, modify, convert, or rename the Fonts. However, you are permitted to:

  • Convert text into vector paths (for example outlining text in illustrator) and edit those vector paths, but you are not permitted to make modifications to the Fonts. 
  • Subset the Fonts for the sole purpose of reducing file size for web usage. Formerly Known will not provide subsetted fonts and any subsetted fonts are subject to this license. 

You may not use the Fonts to produce racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, or fascist content (whether use constitutes one of these prohibited uses is determined by Formerly Known in its sole discretion). 

7. Term and Termination

This license remains in effect until terminated. If you use the Fonts beyond the permitted use, your rights under this license will automatically terminate. You may terminate this license by sending Formerly Known written notice that you wish to terminate. If you terminate this license, your license fee is not refundable. 

If this license is terminated, you must delete all copies of the Fonts (including embedded copies and archival backups). At Formerly Known’s request, you must certify that you have deleted the Fonts. 

8. Publicity Rights

From the moment the use of a license is made public by you, Formerly Known is entitled to use your Company’s name and trademarks, and images and videos of the use, for Formerly Known’s marketing and portfolio purposes.

9. Limited Liability

You are installing and using the Fonts at your own risk. The Fonts are provided “AS IS” and without all faults. Formerly Known does not warrant that the Fonts will be suitable for your purpose or be error free. Formerly Known’s maximum liability to you from your use of the Fonts, including third-party claims against you, is limited to the amount you paid for your license fee.

If the Fonts are corrupted or delayed during transit or are found to contain a flaw, Formerly Known will provide replacement Fonts for the same font styles.

10. Updates & Technical Support

Formerly Known is not obligated to provide upgrades or updates of the Fonts. If upgrades and updates are offered, they may be subject to a new license, which may have new terms and fees. Formerly Known may notify the public of upgrades and updates. If you provide proof of your current license, we will provide you with the applicable upgrades and updates. Formerly Known does not provide technical support.

11. Miscellaneous

This license can only be changed if you and Formerly Known both agree in writing. The exclusive venue for resolving disputes regarding the Fonts is the courts located in the State of California and City of Los Angeles. This license is the only agreement regarding your use of the Fonts.

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